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About the Knee

These are a collection of presentations that we have assembled in order to educate our readers.

Please feel free to download them.

Some content can be of a slightly gory nature.

Fractures- Fracture Management Principles File

Knee Anatomy- Knee Anatomy

Cartilage Biomechanics- CMGupte meniscal biomechanics

Skeletal Soft Tissue Structure Function Repair- Skeletal soft tissue structure function repair

Acute Knee- Acute Knee File

YouTube Flash / Video (Iframe/Direct Link To YouTube Video)

Fracture Managment Principles- .

MIS Knee Surgery- MIS Knee Surgery File

ACL and meniscal injuries in depth -  CMG Sports MED

 ACL reconstruction post- operative protocol – ACL reconstruction post-operative protocol

Portals video

Portals 2 video

ACL Graft video

ACL GRAFT Pass 2 video

Varus Test video

Lachman’s Anterior Drawer video

Bulge Test video

Anterior Drawer video

Anterior Drawer 2 video