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After Surgery

After Surgery for Broken Bones

After surgery for broken bones, you may well require plaster treatment for a period of time.  Placing any limb plaster results in significant stiffness and general shrinkage of muscles.

After you come out of plaster you may therefore notice thinner, bony limbs where the muscles have shrunk and the joint may well be stiff.

This is all likely to improve once use of the limb has begun and adequate physiotherapy has also commenced.  Your Physiotherapists will assess your progress in terms of range of movement and muscle strength.  It is important to balance early range of movement with maintaining the stability of the fracture site.  Therefore your physiotherapy may be gentler in the initial stages, progressing to more strength and conditioning as time progresses and the fracture becomes more stable.

Clinic review to assess progress will also be performed.

After A Knee Procedure

After arthroscopy, it is common for the joint to swell.  It is therefore important to manage the swelling with ice, elevation and compression as and when required.  If swelling is associated with excessive pain or a very hot limb, it is important to consult your surgeon.

After arthroscopy the keyholes heal with scarring.  As the scarring remodels it is not uncommon to feel new clicks and clunks in and around the knees.  Clicks and clunks can also result from muscle shrinkage around the kneecap resulting in slight jarring of the kneecap after the operation.

In order to improve these it is important to maintain in particular your quadriceps bulk and buttock and hamstring muscle bulk.

Again, physiotherapy progresses with return to range of movement followed by muscle strength and conditioning followed by specific activities such as turning and pivoting.  This is all balanced against the stability of the limb.

After ligament reconstruction he may or may not be required to wear a brace.  Your progress will be closely monitored both in clinic and with physiotherapy input.

Some arthroscopic procedures require stitches for the wounds. However in some procedures Steri-Strips may be used.  Sutures and Steri-Strips are usually removed between 10 and 14 days post-operation.

Out of hours, if you are particularly worried regarding swelling, increased pain or more heat, please contact the hospital at which you are operated.